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A Pharmacy for the whole family.

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One size does not fit all. 

That’s especially true with medication. Your healthcare needs are as unique as you are.

That’s why Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy provides expert compounding services designed with your health in mind.

We’re a full-service pharmacy specializing in customized compounded medicine for humans and pets.

Our pharmacists are specially trained to work with your physician or veterinarian to create high-quality medications that are effective, easy to use, and designed just for you and your family.

For all your pharmacy needs

We’re a full-service pharmacy, here to care for every member of your family – people and pets! Whatever your prescription needs, you’ll get attentive, helpful service at Happy Hooves.

  • Both commercially prepared and compounded medications
  • Immunizations & vaccines
  • Custom packaging: Our pharmacists can pre-sort and package your prescriptions in pill packs so you can more easily manage multiple medications.

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Veterinary Health

Veterinary medications must meet the needs of animals of all species and sizes, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, deer, cows and more. Compounded medications allow veterinarians to provide the most effective medications for animals in the exact dosages and delivery methods that work best.

Giving medication to animals can be difficult. Sometimes the right medication is not commercially available in the dosage pets need. Some medications are difficult to administer due to bitter taste or a lack of cooperation. Whatever the challenge, Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy can help, providing customized, compounded solutions to optimize each unique animal’s health and wellness.

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The Compounding Advantage

Compounding allows your pharmacist to work with your physician or veterinarian to provide medication in the exact dosage and delivery method that works best for you.

The compounding experts at Happy Hooves Pharmacy can create highly individualized medications so you get the medication that’s right for your unique needs.

Compounded medication offers a variety of advantages:

  • If you’re sensitive or allergic to ingredients commonly used in mass-produced pharmaceuticals, we’ll compound your medications without dyes, lactose, gluten, preservatives and other standard additives and fillers.
  • For patients who have difficulty swallowing pills, we can formulate easy-to-swallow liquid suspensions or even transdermal solutions.
  • We make it easier for children to take their medicine with appealing flavors and delivery methods, from lollipops to syrups.
  • If the right medication isn’t commercially available or available in the dosage you need, we create it to meet your exact specifications.

Physicians: We compound in bulk for office use! Contact us for your compounded medication needs.

Our Specialties

Veterinary Cardiology

When treating a pet with cardiac issues, the first challenge is making sure they take their medicine. This can be challenging when a pet has a poor appetite and the medication is bitter and unappealing. Your compounding specialists understand these challenges and are ready to work with your unique situation to create medications in the dosage and delivery systems you need.

Veterinary Transdermal

Some veterinary medications are difficult to administer to pets due to a bitter or a lack of cooperation. The compounding experts at Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy can formulate easy-to-use, effective medicated transdermal gels that are applied to your pet’s ear and absorbed through the skin so your pet gets the medication they need quickly and painlessly.

We compound in bulk for office use!

Contact us for your compounded medication needs.

Solutions for your family’s health

Our pharmacists work with your healthcare provider to create custom solutions for a variety of health needs.


Whether you need pain relief, fluoride treatments, care for common oral conditions, or even tooth whitening, the compounding experts at Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy can create the right strength in the best delivery system for you, including mouth rinses, toothpastes, gels and more.

Hair Loss

Compounding pharmacies can create effective, easy-to-use treatments to prevent or reverse male or female pattern hair loss or thinning without the side effects that often accompany oral therapies. We can formulate the right combination of medications for your unique needs, including minoxidil, retinoic acid, finasteride, hormones and other ingredients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Through compounding, hormone replacement can be customized for your unique body and hormone levels. We prepare hormone replacement therapies, including bioidentical hormone replacement, to maximize health and vitality in both women and men, in the dosages and delivery systems that are right for you.

Hospice & Palliative Care

Compounding helps customize medication to maximize patient ease and comfort, with the right delivery system for each individual patient. For example, if an oral pain medication can be difficult to swallow or lead to gastrointestinal upset, we can create topical solutions that may not be available elsewhere.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Low dose naltrexone is a safe, non-toxic drug increasingly prescribed to relieve chronic pain, inflammation and mental illness along with symptoms of autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer. This versatile medication must be compounded, so trust our experts to formulate your LDN prescription to your specific strength and dosage requirements.

Mental Health

Your compounding pharmacist is an ally in your mental health treatment. With hundreds of medications now available to treat conditions including depression, bipolar disorder and more, our compounding experts will start by understanding your unique needs so you get the right drug or drug combination for effective treatment with minimal trial-and-error. Your pharmacist will also identify possible reactions with other medications you may be taking.

Pain Management

Whatever type of acute or chronic pain you’re experiencing, our compounding experts can formulate safe, effective medications that target pain at its source. Whatever the cause or location of your pain, we work with your physician to create medication that provides relief quickly and continuously with minimal side effects.

Pediatric Care

With specially formulated compounded pharmaceuticals, it’s easier to ensure that children take the medication they need. At Happy Hooves, we formulate medicine in a variety of flavors and forms – even lollipops! – so that medicine time is as stress-free as possible.


Compounded medications can provide fast relief from foot pain. Since oral pain medications go through the digestive tract, they often result in delayed relief and gastrointestinal upset. We formulate topical pain relief that targets the pain directly and provides relief quickly with minimal side effects.

Sexual Health

Diminished sexual health doesn’t have to be accepted as part of life for men or women. Our compounding experts can create custom formulations to address the specific needs identified by your doctor, whether it’s relating to hormonal changes, side effects from prescription medication or other factors.

Skin Care

We formulate the skin care you need with customized dosage and delivery systems, even specialty medications that are not commercially available. Whether you need a cream, topical spray, gel, powder or other form, we create preparations designed to meet your unique needs.

Sports Medicine

Compounded medications can provide safe, fast relief from sports injuries. Oral anti-inflammatories and pain relievers travel through the digestive tract before relieving pain, often delaying relief and causing gastrointestinal upset. We create topical pain relief formulations that target the pain directly and provide relief quickly with minimal side effects.

Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Compounding offers a customized approach to regulating the function of your thyroid. Our pharmacists work with your physician to develop thyroid medication tailored to your unique needs. We formulate thyroid replacement medications in the strength you need instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of commercially prepared medications.

Wound Care

Compounded medications deliver custom wound care solutions based on the location and severity of the wound. Whether you suffer from a burn, bed sore, ulcer, surgical incision or other wound, the right care is vital to promote healing and prevent infection. Your compounding pharmacy can create medications that address your unique needs, including pain relief, anti-inflammation and healing.

About Us


At Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy, we’re committed to providing the highest quality care and services to our community. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in health and wellness.

Proven Quality

Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy has earned accreditation from the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). This is your assurance that our compounding pharmacy operates at a high level of quality and safety, meeting rigorous national standards.

Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy is…

Locally Owned, Family Owned, Independently Owned, Nationally accredited by the PCAB

Our Team

Our team of pharmacists and technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We take the time to get to know you, your family and your healthcare needs to ensure that you receive the best possible care.


Dr. Nicholas Simon, Pharmacist in Charge and CEO
Dr. Simon graduated at top of his class from University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, ranked the #7 school of pharmacy in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report.


Dr. Tony Freeze, Pharmacist and COO
Dr. Tony is an accomplished pharmacist with a diverse background, specializing in three distinct areas of expertise: specialty pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, and long-term care pharmacy. With a passion for improving patient outcomes and animal health, Dr. Tony has made a significant impact in each field through his dedication, knowledge, and compassionate approach. He is excited with his next venture of pharmacy ownership, and is thrilled to be a part of the Kerrville community.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (830) 999 MEDS (6337). Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your healthcare needs.


We accept most insurance plans and offer competitive prices on all of our products and services.

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